Gardeners Bouquet


A gorgeous collaboration between Burrow and Be and Sarah Simon (TheMintGardener) all the way from Washington, USA

Catherine started following TheMintGardener on Instagram which sparked an idea for a collaboration collection.  Catherine knew she wanted something vintage inspired but still with a modern twist. 

After various concepts and emails to and from Sarah, the final designs were complete.  Sarah's enthusiasm and excitment really impressed Catherine and she was happy to let Catherine take control of the outcome.  

We love collaborating like this, its what keeps our collections fresh and interesting but still within our design asthetic.

The Gardeners Bouquet is a collection of vintage inspired girls clothing from 0-8 years made from 100% organic stone washed cotton, and beatiful bedding pieces in 100% organic stone wash cotton.


For more information on TheMintGardener visit Sarah's instagram page @themintgardener