Wilder Garden

Drawn from the illustrations of Becky Olivier in our previous collection of Bamboo / Cotton muslin wraps.  This first series of prints takes the small shape components as impersonation and by outlining them and creating a repeat they have become a fresh and simple pattern.

The simple pattern in this first series works alongside gorgeous earthy colours and beautiful textures.  The muslin has been woven using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fibers and consists of 2 layers of muslin inter-weaved together in a high density weave.

The 100% Organic cotton Muslin has a slightly different feel to the Bamboo, but with every wash the cotton muslin becomes softer and will also take on a more vintage crinkled look, adding to the soft texture it already evokes.

The Bedding is made from 100% Gots certified cotton sateen in a 250 thread count.