About Us

Burrow & Be is a family owned and operated business located in beautiful New Zealand.

Founded by Catherine Melo, Burrow & Be was established in 2013.  With the love of interiors and design and the inspiration of her two children the idea of designing and screen printing bed linen and soft furnishings for kids was an exciting prospect.   Catherine has a Bachelor of Design with a background in jewellery design and packaging design so her attention to detail is second to none.  Also working as a screen printer and Graphic designer many years ago she brings all these skills to the table when creating and designing new collections.  

Over the years the direction of Burrow and Be moved more towards baby and children's clothing and gift.  Now releasing new collctions twice a year and havng an extensive selection of gifts such as comforters, baby towels, swaddles, fabric dolls, cot quilts and more

Catherine designs and curates the surface pattern designs at our head quaters in West Auckland, New Zealand.  Growing up on the west coast beach of Piha she has always been inspired with the beauty of nature that surrounds us.  The Burrow and Be aesthetic draws on this inspirations as you will see throughout our collections.  She uses a mixture of her own artwork, artwork that has been designed for us through collaborations and purchased design elements.  

Catherine works closeley with our off shore factories to make sure the quality is high and our environmental standards are respected.  98% our product is made in GOTS certified factories in India.  These factories adhere to strict regulations in processesing and manufacturing including; requirements for environmentally friendly practices, such as the prohibition of hazardous chemicals and the efficient use of water and energy. It also includes social criteria, such as fair wages, safe working conditions, and no forced or child labor.  Supply Chain traceability means that all entities involved in the production process, including farms, spinning mills, dyeing and printing units, and garment factories, need to be identified and certified. Each step of the supply chain must be documented and verified by an independent certifier.

Where we have't been able to use GOTS certified factories or reach Minimum quantity ordering for certified organic materials we have done our best to research and ask the questions on social and environmental accountability so that Burrow and Be is contributing to the fashion revolution of fair and healthy work conditions and do not contribute to the degradation of our planet.


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