Finding Inspiration: The Power of Connection and Creativity

Author: Catherine Melo   Date Posted:30 May 2023 


Inspiration can strike at any moment, and it often comes from unexpected places. It can be found in the simplest of things, like a beautiful sunset or a blooming flower. However, in today's connected world, inspiration can come from much further afield, and it can be shared with people from all corners of the globe.

Once again we have been inspired by the artwork of Sarah Simon, also known as "The Mint Gardener." Sarah's stunning paintings and illustrations are inspired by the natural world, particularly by flowers and plants and recently, Sarah was inspired by a floral arrangement created by Yasmine Mei, a floral designer based in Los Angeles.  Sarah was so inspired by Yasmine's floral arrangement that she decided to create a painting based on it.

The flow of inspiration from one artist to another is a beautiful thing to witness. It shows how creativity can be sparked by something as simple as a floral arrangement, and how that creativity can be passed on and shared with others, and the inspiration continues.

I love that our Alpine flowers print evolved from its simple beginings each time sparking a creative inspiration and inspiring someone and something new. From the physical floral arrangement, to being captured on camera, to then painted in Acrylic, then digitally edited to create a surface pattern, printed on fabric and sewn into clothing.

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