Saying no to fast fashion

Our Spring/Summer 21/22 Collection is just around the corner, and when I think back on the path we have taken with this collection to get it almost in your hands, it has definitely not been the path of least resistance!

As I have mentioned before, this collection was all but ready to go for Summer 20/21, and then the whole world ground to a halt. We made the super tough call to hold this collection over, not least because we really believed in it and loved what we had created (and really wanted to give it the best shot possible), but also because we knew you would love it too,regardless of when it launches. 

Designing a collection is all about balance - balancing wearability with luxe special occasion wear, function with hand feel, seasonal colour pallette with signature fabrics and cute featured designs. 

You can always count on a Burrow and Be garment to be the perfect balance between excellent quality and timeless, stylish designs that don’t follow the trends of the day. 

Which is why we knew (even though it was so tough to make the decision to), whenever this collection was released, it would be loved by our customers. 


We won’t ever be a business that falls into the fast fashion industry, because following trends is just not what we do. We design with intent, we design with each garment being able to be handed down multiple times, we design with sustainability at the forefront of our minds. And we design based on what we think you will love, not based on what the trends are telling you to love. 


The more you really look at the fashion and clothing industry through an environmental impact lens, the more you realise what we wear and what our kids wear has a direct and lasting impact on the planet.

Fast fashion is defined as “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends” (thanks Oxford Dictionary, couldn’t have described it better myself!). 

You might be able to pop down to the mall and quickly grab a few cheap things for the kids from one of the chain stores, but the environmental footprint of both the production but also the disposal of those clothes come at a cost. Poor working conditions, poorly constructed fabrics, toxic dyes and the volumes of water and energy consumed to produce clothes in such a quick turnaround are just some of what we are all really paying for. 


We have customers that are still coming back and purchasing from us long past their own kids being able to fit our clothes, because they love to gift our products for baby showers, newborn gifts, first birthday’s and beyond. They know they are gifting something that will last not just that baby, but multiple babies after. They know it’s not going to become threadbare after just a few washes and end up in the bin, because it’s not even worth bothering to repair it. 

It makes me immensely proud when I do a quick Trade Me search to see how many Burrow and Be products are listed on there at any one time! Because I know even buying second hand, our customers are getting the quality they deserve and buying clothes that have been ethically and sustainably made, and designed with them in mind. 


This new Spring/Summer 21/22 Collection is no different. We took the extra time we had on our hands to refine and add to it, making it even better than before and further adding our timeless Burrow and Be twist! Here’s a sneak peek of what is coming in our Spring  and summer drops very soon . . . 




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Can’t wait for this collection!

By: on 27 August 2021
I just discovered your amazing products around a year ago and I absolutely love them! Thank you for all the effort you put in to create beautiful, quality and comfortable garments. Your dribble bibs are the best I’ve found in 7 years of being a Mum! I adore all the clothes I have bought so far and look forward to this exciting new collection!

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